The VO Industry’s Reaction to Acquiring


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Jeff Hixon of makes the announcement that they have been purchased by

The voiceover industry can be seeing some serious change soon. The biggest pay to play site, has announced on Tuesday that they have acquired which may have been possible after the Canadian-based company recently received an $18 million investment from Morgan Stanley.

While both are announcing this acquisition as a celebration, many talents and agents in the industry are concerned that the buyer, who has received a reputation for watering down the industry, will take over the industry and make the industry more profitable for and not for the talents and agents who fight for respectable wages. and their product Voice Registry are used by many agents and talents as a way to receive work that is paid for more of the standard rate for voiceovers.

Jeff Hixon of assured in his announcement on the Voicebank website:

“From a customer service perspective, the people and contacts you work with here at will remain the same.  From a billing perspective, please note that you will now be making payments to Inc.” – Jeff Hixon of

Despite this, talents and agents have gone to social media and say their piece of mind. Below is a video of an interview with Erik Sheppard of Voice Talent Productions and voiceover talent Terry Daniel. In the interview, Sheppard promises that he will remove his listing from the Voice Registry on He also advises that if you are a voiceover talent that you remove your profile from regardless if you are a paid subscriber or have a listing on there for free.

Terry Daniel and Erik Sheppard speak about the purchase of

Other talents have gone to twitter to congratulate the news. Bobbi Owens tweeted yesterday her congratulatory remarks.


Other auditioning sites took this as a time to assure they are here for the interest of the voiceover talents. The Voice Realm tweeted the following yesterday.

Whichever side you are on, it will definitely have talents and agents wonder what the future of this industry holds.

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  1. LLL Reply

    I feel uneasy about the future as has a poor reputation while Voicebank is respected among many. To know the poor reputation company bought the respectable company is concerning. I don’t have an extreme Yes or No response, so the best I can do is view this with a “wait and see” approach.

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