5 Ways A Voiceover Can Help With Your Small Business Marketing


If you are reading this, it’s most likely that you are one of over 28 million small business owners in America. Small business marketing, whether it is a restaurant, clothing line or even a law firm have is a must to bring in customers and generate profit. Having a professional and conversational voiceover for small business marketing will help you reach your target demographic and have a return on investment in many ways other than the obvious ones.

Here are 5 ways you can reach your audience using a voiceover talent. Some will be obvious and some might be the creative, “out of the box” approach you can use in your small business marketing.

1. Radio Commercial

Yes, I know this can be filed under the obvious, but I think businesses shy away from this because they believe that people are not listening to the radio anymore and if they are, they skip channels when commercials are playing. That is a MYTH!

News Generation recently claimed that radio is the leading reach platform! 93% of people in America listen to the AM/FM radio. Almost 20% more than those who use smartphone apps. Some other stats from this survey shows:

    1. The top three most listened to radio formats are

      • 1. Country Music
      • 2. News/Talk Radio
      • 3. Top 40 and Contemporary Radio
    2. Your potential customer listens to the radio an average of 12 hours a week.

That’s almost 2 hours a day. Being a former radio DJ myself, I know that commercials have to be heard at some point during those near 2 hours on the radio.

Why Hire A Voice Over Talent Instead of the Radio DJ?

      1.  Voice over talents goes through consistent training to stay on top of their game and sounding good for you!
      2.  You’ll have more flexibility in using the commercial on multiple stations owned by different companies within the market you are targeting. If you use the radio DJs, you need to have one commercial produced for each radio station you want it to air. More money, more hassles, more inconsistency
      3.  You have more control over how you want the voice of your brand to sound. With a home recording studio, I offer live recording sessions through Skype. That means with the free application, you can direct me to voice your commercial exactly how you want. More details can be found on my homepage.

2. Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are becoming a huge trend right now in the marketing world because they work!

In an article by Yum Yum Videos, explainer videos can consistently grow your conversions online by 20%.

It’s your chance to explain in 60 to 90 seconds what your brand, service or product is to the world. These videos are so versatile too, you can put them practically anywhere. Including:

      1. The Company Website
      2. Your E-mail marketing campaign
      3. Social Media Pages(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) You can read more about social media here.
      4. Your Television commercials

There are more companies being created that specifically work with these kinds of videos. I know plenty of them that I would be happy to connect you too as well. You already have the voice for it right here (shameless plug).

3. On-Hold Messaging and Auto-Attendant

Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached. Honestly, do you enjoy the music while you are on hold? You might. But when I hear music, I also hear a missed marketing opportunity. In fact, 73% of customers that are put on hold want to hear information about your business as oppose to music or silence. So why not have a professional voiceover for on-hold messaging? This is your chance to keep your customer engaged with the latest information you have to offer while they are on a brief hold.

Own a store? Promote your 20% sale. How about a bar? This is your time to talk about your weekly trivia night or entertainment lineup for the weekend. Better yet, how about drinks specials? Maybe you own a fitness facility. Tell them about your new Zumba class you’re offering.

These can be done in short 10 to 15-second clips.

Having a voiceover for your on-hold messaging and auto-attendant needs answers many of the questions your customers may be calling about anyway. Now, you do not need to worry about someone always answering the phone when their time should be focused on something else. On-Hold Marketing, Auto-Attendant and Interactive Voice Prompts are the greatest possibility for return on investment because you can have these recorded on the cheaper side.

Bullseye Telecom wrote an article about the 5 Benefits of having an Auto-Attendant for your business. It is definitely worth the read.

4. Podcasting and Blogs

This is the “out of the box” way to market. As it seems to be a trend, to have a website you need to have a blog that is always updating to help get to the top of the Google searches. What can make your blog more dynamic is to have a podcast on your blog?

You may be shy or be one of the many people in the world who hate their own voice. So, why not hire a voice over read your blog post as a podcast that you can post on your website, iTunes and everywhere podcasts can be heard?

Voice over talents have hobbies too, and if you can find one whose hobby relates to your business, use him or her!

5. Social Media (including Snapchat!)

Remember that explainer video I talked about earlier? You can produce that animated explainer video and post it right on Facebook and make it part of your ad that gets put on people’s news feed. Take that video and make it a Pinned Tweet on Twitter. I’m sure before you do all that it was uploaded to YouTube, right? That’s all social media. And that’s how you can use one voice over for various outlets of your marketing.

One that many do not know can be done is Snapchat. Snapchat has been getting more popular within the last year, but not many use it for marketing purpose. This is your chance to take advantage. This a little tricky to actually get done though because you have to play the file from your phone then open the Snapchat and record. I highly recommend someone who is good with smartphones do this for you if you want to take this approach. You can watch this video on how to do it and try for yourself.

Well, I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me via email michael@valentevoiceover.com or call (203) 671-4099. You can also get a free quote on hiring me for your voiceover needs by visiting the contact page.

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Michael Valente is a young male voiceover for small marketing needs like explainer videos, eLearning, on-hold messaging, commercials and more. HIs conversational voiceover style is great for engaging your target audience. He promises high-quality audio with fast turnarounds.

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