Why Hire a Voiceover Talent


why hire a voiceover talent?

You may be asking yourself the question, “Why hire a voiceover talent?”. You can just use Ashley from Accounting or Chaz the local DJ, right? Wrong! If you want to stand out and have your message heard, you need to hire a voiceover talent. I get you may want to save money or be uninformed, but you want your¬†message heard and your story told. That’s why you need to hire a professional voiceover talent. If that didn’t convince you, let me provide some more information on the matter.

1. sound quality

One thing a professional voiceover talent will ensure 100% of the time is great, broadcast quality sound. A voiceover talent invests a lot of money to make sure the space he or she records is top notch. That means there is no echo or background noises. I actually spend $250 alone consulting with the Home Studio Master and host of the Voiceover Body Shop show Dan Lenard to make sure my audio is perfect. We are trained to use proper mic technique and pop filters so that words that use P’s and B’s don’t make booming pops or hissing sounds on S’s and soft C’s.

Most professional voiceover talents have a strong understanding of audio editing software (also known as a Digital Audio Workstation). They make subtle, but very effective tweaks in post-production (after recording) to make sure that the audio isn’t too loud and distorts or too soft and unlistenable. Some voiceover talent even outsource their editing to audio engineers to master their voice and have the best quality.

2. a voiceover talent is an actor

I talked about this a little bit in my article of 5 Ways A Voiceover Can Help With Your Small Business Marketing.

Next time you’re in your car listening to the radio I want you to listen to the commercials. I guarantee you that you will hear the difference between a commercial produced by the in-house DJs and one where a business decided to hire a voiceover. The in-house DJ most likely grabbed the script, read it once maybe twice and sent it to the production director to put music on it. Every commercial they read sounds the same. I was a radio DJ for almost 10 years and I saw it happen many times.

A professional voiceover will read the script once maybe twice before he or she even hit record. Then the script gets marked underlining keywords in the script, add transition words that can get edited out in post-production to help make the script sound more conversational, then makes a connection to the script. They ask, “who are they?”; “whom are they talking to?”; “what is the message”. So, one script the actor may be your next door neighbor talking about how he or she switched cable providers and the next he or she is a spokesperson for a guitar company talking about their next line of guitars. In the end, they sound different even though it’s from the same person.

hire a voiceover script
One of the reasons why you should hire a voiceover talent is because a voiceover will take the time to analyze and mark the script to ensure the delivery is exactly what you are looking for.

You as the client can tell the actor what you want and the voiceover will deliver. We think of it as you are the director and we are your actors.

3. helps with branding and consistency

To go further into the debate whether to hire a local DJ or current employee or hire a professional voiceover, think about your branding. I always like to say your brand needs a voice so that your message gets heard.

Now think of some of your favorite brands or companies. Whether it’s the NFL, Geico, Subaru, Coors, any brand. They have one thing in common. They all have a voice to their brand. The voice is coming from a professional voiceover. They use that voice to tell their story whether it’s for the radio commercial, training video, or phone system. It keeps it consistent.

When you use a local DJ, you have to choose a voice from each station you market on. You probably think that this creates a strong connection with the listening audience you are trying to target because their voice is heard on that station. I’m sure the sales rep from that station told you that. Here’s the problem. If you listen to a radio commercial break, 90% of the commercials, if not more are read by the same 3 or 4 voices. How does that get your message heard? That only creates white noise.

Being 10% that hire a professional voiceover will make your commercial standout and connect with the audience more.

4. relationships and customer service

One thing that will certain when you hire a professional voiceover talent is that you building a relationship and being provided customer service. In an article written by Yum Yum Videos, one of the main things that the writer brings up is that if you plan to hire a voiceover for several projects you need to trust him or her.

Being my client, a voiceover focuses on building that trust with you. He or she wants to make sure that there is an understanding of what you want. For example, whenever I submit an audition to a new potential client, I always finish with something like “I back everything up with a 100% customer satisfaction. I am not finished until you feel it is completed.” I don’t just say it though. I practice this mantra.

5. hold competitive Rates, but will work within budgets

I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I also believe that some things are outrageously overpriced. Now you can hire a voiceover talent for as low as $5 on a certain site that is considered the Lord Voldemort of voiceover sites or you can spend thousands, if not, millions on a well-known actor like Morgan Freeman or Sam Elliot.

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you are somewhere in the middle. It’s hard to say how much a project will cost until we get to know a little bit about the project, the usage and even the brand itself. This is where number 4 comes into play as well. If you have built a relationship with a voiceover and provide him or her with consistent work, we may offer our services at a discounted rate. I don’t speak for all voiceovers, but I know I would.

As a voiceover talent, we are just like any other business with expenses, incomes, and budget. So, we like to work with our clients to make sure we can fulfill their needs while keeping them on budget. If you are wondering how much to budget when you hire a voiceover, you can look at my rates or look at the rate guide created through extensive research by the Global Voice Acting Academy.

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